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The VVX handset range,desktop-thumbnail.jpg
With our HD voice;
It's clearly reassuring,
And offers lots of choice.
For Office 365, VVX phones are certified 
Include PBX features, as well as optimized.
Polycom defined hardware and our interface,
It requires phone provisioning we develop at a faster pace.
We support the hardware, our software is bespoke
If there's any problem, one number to call no joke!
VVX have HD and acoustic clarity,
Electronic hook switch, with multiple line keys.
Support for Bluetooth headset, as well as USB.
Touch screen user interface, responsive and clear,
Add expansion modules makes it easier calls to steer.


We block out the background noise,
enhance your experience.
Irritation cancelling 
With acoustic fence!


Better together over Ethernet
Helps phone configuration.
You can also surf the internet
And there’s calender integration.
Boss Admin capabilities
Shows the art of delegation;
The call rings simultaneous,
On Boss and Admin stations.
Make calls on behalf of your boss
And answer for them too,
Let them pick the calls up,
Or you can always put them through!
Call Park is quite handy;
On hold uses the same line,
Call park sends to orbit,
Up to eight lines at a time.
It generates orbit number,
Please make a mental note,
Pick up on another handset
And the orbit number quote
If you want someone to pick it up;
You’ve got another call,
They can use a compatible handset,
Dial the orbit number that’s all.


Meet now functionality for conference calls adhoc,
See your buddies presence invite and call them up.
Push to talk and paging, you can set up many groups,
Include them in your work streams and keep them in the loop.
Customise the handsets, set the background scene
Use your corporate logo to occupy the screen.
Upload video content, play back on the phone
HD video quality with crisp clear audio tone.


Sleek and smooth and solid, the quality does not lack
Both Microsoft and open SIP they do support dual stack
Oh they're such a glorious sight, now something to behold
Poor frustrated users, there’s now music on hold!

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