Takeshi Ishimaru
Polycom Employee

The Polycom CX8000 room video collaboration system offers a familiar Lync experience and enables a great remote collaboration experience. The ease of use through the touch monitors and simplified UI is ideal for many types of users with varying levels of comfort with technology.icron.jpg


Providing a rather unique capability in its category, customers can use the popular Polycom CX5100 camera with the CX8000 system. The CX5100 offers 360-degree panoramic video as well as active speaker view that tracks the speaker in the room.


The CX8000 with CX5100 camera is a great solution for various environments, from huddle spaces to medium conference rooms. In some instances, using longer USB cables can degrade the quality of video and audio from the camera to the codec. For example, a USB 3.0 cable only supports 3 meters (9.5 ft). However, there's been a significant update: the optical extender solution from Icron, tested by Polycom, allows for longer distances between the CX5100 and the CX8000 (up to 100 meters!), which gives extra flexibility in terms of how the CX8000 with CX5100 camera gets installed in the room. 



For more information on the Icron solution, read the press release or email sales@icron.com to inquire about the USB 3.0 Spectra 3022P with ExtremeUSB extension technology.


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