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For my 6th month of Remote Year, I decided to opt-out of Valencia, Spain because of my planned vacation. I did not see the value in participating due to my travels and it was a nice way to save money. Many people in the group have opted-out and rejoined the group afterwards. Opting out creates flexibility and helps eliminates the constraint to stay with the group for the entire year.


What is opting out?

Opting out does not mean I left the program, it means I chose to not be part of the group for a month. I had to arrange my own accommodation, co-working space, SIM card and transportation to & from the airport.


How was the experience?

After being in the program for a few months, I knew how to prepare as a digital nomad and how to do it. Thanks to the time zone difference I was able to prepare for my work day in the morning. By the time I had to be online, I was ready to work. I worked from my Airbnb, coffee shops and arranged my co-working spaces. Now that the month is over, I can safely say I succeeded on my own.

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What I learned?

Although, opting out required more planning on my part it was fairly easy to do, I knew which phone provider to buy a SIM card from, and how to find coffee shops that offered free Wi-Fi. Ultimately, I was able to navigate without the program and do my work remotely with no issues. Opting out helped me build my confidence that I can continue being a digital nomad once the program is over if I desire.

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Rejoining My Remote Year Group.

I was able to get my own transportation to the airport and fly with the group to Mexico City for the month of December. It feels great to be back with the group and not have to plan anymore. I missed seeing everyone and participating in Remote Year events.


Now that I’ve concluded my 6 months in Europe and Africa I’m excited to be on the Western hemisphere. I’ll be finishing the rest of my time in South America (Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Argentina).

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