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woman-coffee-shop-laptop_698x400.jpgBack in the 90s, work-life balance was ‘the thing’ that everyone was talking about and aiming to achieve in order to relieve the stress of their busy lives. Work has always been important and the same applies for life, so why are the thought leaders now eyeing the expression work-life balance with doubt.  Here are the top three reasons why you should be doing the same:


Work is a part of life

The word ‘life’ comprises of everything that you do as a human being. Work happens to be one of things you do to live your life. And, it is healthy to have a job that gives you an objective for living your life and keeps your brain working. You need to have some sort of work to do just like you need to have something to eat or drink. There is no argument here.


Work is something you do and not a place you go to

Work certainly is something you do day in and day out mainly to support yourself financially. Technology is at your fingertips with mobile phone in your hands, tablet in your bag and Internet fuelling the whole system.  You can work from anywhere today and can conclude many day-to-day activities using an element of technology easily without having to be physically present onsite. Think about life before video conferencing technology came into existence for example. Now you can connect to your boss, customer or client over video anytime.


Health-life balance is the new thing#PolycomChat flashcard .png

Your health is more important. Without good health you cannot have a good life. People, and even children, are more conscious about the health choices they are making in life. Information is power, information is available to everyone, all thanks to the Internet technology, and information is what you need before making any decisions for your health.


In conclusion, health-life balance is what you should be aiming for.  Do you have more thoughts or would like to extend this list? Leave your questions in the comment section or be sure to ask live on Twitter on 19 May at 12:30 – 13:30 BST using #PolycomChat.

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