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In his keynote at TEAM Polycom, CMO Jim Kruger discussed how we plan to go-to-market and how we can make the most of our opportunities in 2015. Jim began by stating, “I believe in three things.”


  • We have an opportunity to expand the market.
  • We have the right solutions to make a difference and allow people to work wherever they want.
  • We can’t do it alone; we need to use our partner ecosystem to succeed.

To achieve success we need to speak the language of the customer, integrate the technology into existing workflows, and help customers see how they can leverage the technology in new ways, continued Jim.


Last year at TEAM Polycom 2014, Jim made a few commitments to partners for success throughout the year. In his keynote on Tuesday, he addressed how we delivered on those commitments, highlighted opportunities to improve, and made a new set of commitments for 2015.


Last year’s commitments and results included:

  • Goal: 150,000 marketing responses—Result: 159,000 (106% of the quota)
  • $350M in deal support— Result: $372M in Revenue
  • Commitment to vertical and solution selling
  • Build strong awareness of our solutions
  • Drive adoption— there is a great deal of opportunity in 2015 to drive adoption and help customers more, even after we make the sale.

Going beyond in 2015

Jim explained how we will achieve success in 2015, and it starts with the buyer’s journey.


To increase awareness we need to be where the customers look for information and create a team of evangelists to support and drive that awareness. We can set the agenda and expand the thinking of our customers and IT away from the technology itself and towards the story. The message matters; what we do, how we shape the workplace of the future, our leadership and our value proposition. The message needs to be compelling.


Brand reputation is another key factor to our continued success. The emotion we draw from customers will greatly impact continued success. From end-to-end the customer experience is essential, we must create inspiring experiences from our initial engagement with customers to the final stages of the sell and beyond to helping increase adoption.


Overall, we’re moving towards a more transformative way of thinking. We are storytellers, creating lifetime customers and building lasting relationships with our partners. Together we will Go Beyond in 2015.

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