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Summer.jpgA guest post by Summer Zhang, Marketing Manager – Corporate Communication, Polycom Greater China.


Asian lady on iPad.jpgChina Daily is the country’s only national English-language newspaper, and for 30 years has been an important source of understanding and information to communities around the world. To stay ahead in the competitive media industry, the company turned to real-time, high-definition video to streamline production, connect its Beijing headquarters with global offices and improve collaboration for everything from editorial board meetings to cross-border interviews.


Its readership is a real testament to the newspaper’s influence: Two-thirds of its 900,000 readers are government officials, think tank analysts, policy makers, and corporate executives located in 150 countries.


Using room-based, desktop, mobile and browser-based video solutions, China Daily’s editors across the world exchange breaking news, discuss editorial plans, and mark up and modify articles and layouts – all in an interactive, face-to-face environment.



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