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vidiot.pngDo you know why you shouldn’t wear checked shirts on camera? Or figured out why bad lighting can make such a difference to the effectiveness of a video call? If not, now’s the right time to brush up on your etiquette for video – or “vidiquette” as we like to call it. At Polycom, we use video every day, in every location, for virtually every meeting – and over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two. With video collaboration expected to be the world’s most preferred business communications tool, it’s only fair that we pass this knowledge on.  


Video collaboration is breaking down distance barriers in the workplace – people want to talk with each other naturally from anywhere, they want to connect from any location, they want to be able to share content and whiteboard ideas as if they were meeting in person. Having the ability to use video-enabled devices has made this a reality, while the growing popularity of video conferencing at home, especially by millennials entering the workforce, is a big driver of increased preference for its adoption in the workplace. With a growing number of users, it only becomes more necessary to provide guidance and best practices in video collaboration towards improving team meetings.episode 1.JPG


That’s where Polly Calm comes in – she’s the world’s expert in “vidiquette” and her mission is to encourage video conferencing utilisation and adoption by demonstrating that it only takes a few simple steps to make it a great experience!


Watch as she takes you through best practices in video conferencing to help make it a pleasant and productive experience for everyone. View all the videos here.





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