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When you’re responsible for 9,762 public health centres and 800 hospitals in several regions in a country of more than 67 million people, The Royal Thai Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) had an urgent need to streamline communications and increase collaboration between provincial teams.  Learn how this government ministry - our featured Polycom Superhero – used video collaboration to effectively bring teams together to improve critical response times and significantly reduce costs.


MOPH employs over 308,000 people nationwide and is one of the largest government ministries, with 878 offices and operations in all 76 provinces in Thailand (outside of Bangkok), and overseeing over 20 different government healthcare agencies. 




Urgent need for efficient communications

An organisation of this size, complexity and structure required a wide amount of internal and external communications, from basic meetings to mission-critical collaboration between medical staff. Being able to easily and effectively communicate among the different offices throughout all the provinces, in particular the provincial health offices, and various medical organisations and hospitals is essential in daily operations.


“The estimated savings in just bringing one doctor in from every province for an annual meeting was over half a million Thai Baht (US$15,000). For a government ministry, the time and cost savings from video collaboration mean that we can use people, budgets, and resources far more efficiently,” says Dr. Pollawat Pichulkollathit, Director of Information Technology & Communication, Ministry of Public Health.


Learn how The Royal Thai Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) is leveraging video collaboration in this case study and the video below.



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