A guest post from Cas Chong, Briefing Manager of the Polycom Singapore Executive Experience Centre:


Cas Chong.JPGPolycom Executive Experience Centres are located in key cities all over the world. These centres provide the opportunity for people to experience our wide range of the latest, leading collaboration solutions.


I am the Briefing Manager of the Singapore Executive Experience Centre, based at Polycom’s Asia Pacific headquarters. I have been in this role for almost four years to date and I regularly meet customers and others interested in seeing the full capability of Polycom solutions. As such I am often asked what customers are most impressed with.


Seeing a state of the art video and voice collaboration demonstration facility, it is natural for a customer to enter with a “Wow!” One would think that what impresses most customers is the High Definition (HD), lifelike video conferencing experience. But with today’s technology, HD video and audio are almost a given. The “Wow” factor usually goes away after several minutes. Yet, speaking to customers after their briefing, there is a common theme that is consistently recognised by almost every customer. It is their realisation of Polycom’s holistic approach to integrating video collaboration into the day-to-day business processes of an entire organisation. In my experience, customers find a visit to the Experience Centre more beneficial from the entire experience, than just seeing individual products themselves.


Setting up a meeting involving geographically dispersed groups is straightforward, or is it? Today most executives expect to walk into a conference room and join a video conference with a click of a button. In reality the situation for many companies is outdated – IT is often still involved in setting up a video conference. This doesn’t help when IT departments of all organisations around the globe are under pressure to reduce cost of operation. Therefore, with video, ease of use is key. A true form of unified communication is required.


It is common for me to hear end users expressing their frustration that when it comes to organising a meeting over video, it involves many different moving parts including room, people, video system and IT personnel. With the deep integration between Polycom and Microsoft however, the complexity of the connection is removed from the end users. From creating a multiparty meeting, to joining the meeting, it is simply a click away, even when you are on the road.


The Polycom RealPresence Platform handles the scheduling, resource allocation, call setup and connectivity. This allows the users (the company staff) to focus on the reason for having a meeting, rather than the technology that is behind the meeting. The meeting comes to you instead of you having to go to a specific location for the meeting.


The ease of use doesn’t stop here.  With Polycom’s content management solution recording the virtual meeting is just a click away too! The recorded meeting can be accessed easily at a future date.


Most customers have their reservations on the simplicity of the latest Polycom solutions, until they see them in action. Seeing is believing! Contact your local Polycom team and arrange to visit a Polycom Executive Experience Centre near you to experience the true form of unified communication.


Singapore EEC.jpg

A small glimpse of one corner of the Singapore Executive Experience Centre.


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