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Viet UC Seafood Corporation, a leading shrimp farming company in VietUC_Building - Copy.jpgVietnam paves the way for their industry as
they leverage collaboration technology to improve manufacturing processes. 
It is a big deal when we think of the sheer geographical expanse of the company's farms, the factories, the dispersed manufacturing and technical teams – just managing schedules to meet can be such a time-consuming exercise, not to mention sharing information among the teams!


Read on to see how video collaboration not just transformed the company's workflows, but also brought about significant savings.  


Video collaboration saved time for the various teams involved in the process but also provided other functions in the company a new way of working such as for HR in their training programs. Viet UC Seafood also have a competitive edge as they seek to improve their farming technology with R&D alliances beyond Vietnam. What used to be a tight schedule to include travel time and actual meetings with partners became a breeze with video collaboration. The knowledge transfer for on-going research is an invaluable benefit aside from travel savings or the hassle of logistics management.


Capture.JPGI met their Business Operations Director, Tri Vu, recently in Ho Chi Minh city to talk about the successes which video collaboration has brought to the company. “Previously if our sales teams required face to face meetings, they would either have to travel or use freely available consumer-grade apps. This would not be the most effective way of communicating – unstable connections would interrupt the call, the users could not share screens or content, information had to be emailed round to several people, and meetings were largely audio only. With enterprise-grade video, the sales teams not only meet frequently but are able to compare notes, share results, pricing and targets in real-time.”


Tri Vu also shared their vision for the business and how they too, are driving the Workplace of the Future. In time to come, they will look to enable more video collaboration capabilities via desktop, mobile and cloud solutions and increase potential for the organisation.  


Read more about the successes Viet UC Seafood Corporation has achieved in this case study





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