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202.JPGThe term ‘pervasive’ usually refers to (an unwelcome influence or physical effect) spreading widely throughout an area or a group of people. Some may agree that this negative connotation is aptly applied to video collaboration. Indeed, there are pockets of individuals in organisations, who often play ‘dodge’ with the camera in video meetings, or who seat themselves outside of the breadth of the camera angle, or who simply join the call via audio – all to avoid being seen on screen. But for me, it ALWAYS saves the day.  Here’s one situation I can recall:  


It was a regular day and I was working from home like I always do. I then received a last minute meeting invitation which involved a VIP

customer.  The key decision makers who were due to visit in two weeks had now asked to move the meeting to the next morning! The Account Manager quickly scrambled to gather all the internal participants to plan the demonstration and meeting.


If we had been “any other company”, this would have triggered a mad dash for me to grab a cab and rush into the office, probably 90 minutes late for the meeting. But we are Polycom after all, and instead of wasting time commuting, I was able to channel my energy to better use and immediately collaborate with my colleagues over video and participate in the discussions. Video collaboration enabled us to discuss how to address the customer’s requirements, our demo strategy and flow, and even conduct a dry run of the final sequence – all as if we were in the same room! (See the photos to prove it, below!). The next day, the customer was blown away by our presentation! 201.JPG


Is this a case for pervasive video collaboration? A resounding YES!


Any organisation that intends to fully realise the value of its human capital needs to enable efficient and effective interpersonal collaboration, irrespective of geography and location. And video collaboration is the tool that will unleash tangible value from within your business by empowering every single one of your employees to connect and communicate, face-to-face, wherever they are.


Still skeptical?

Check out the whitepaper, Power to the People by Rob Livingstone, Former CIO and Principal Consultant of RL Advisory and find out how the use of video collaboration technologies can meet your organisation’s collaboration needs.



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