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Most of you, like me, will have subscriptions to multiple news sites, analyst updates, and industry media outlets. These companies send you the latest trends, surveys, white papers and reports on a daily or weekly basis – keeping you up to speed on the latest and greatest. And you may have noticed, like me, that of late the interest around Talent has been growing. Talent, talent, talent. How you recruit, manage, motivate and improve productivity.


Talent, also known as Human Capital, has replaced Financial Capital as the new source of competitive advantage. As one of the largest items on the balance sheet, organisations are concerned with how well they manage this asset in order to maximise their investment and generate superior performance. Organisations are also concerned about how they address shortages in talent, as well as productivity.


In my guest article for ComputerWorld Singapore published this month, I share how new training paradigms that leverage real-time video instruction, recorded and streamed video lessons, and interactive webcasts are becoming simple to use and increasingly popular.


I also suggest four ways in which video collaboration can transform training, and help organisations resolve the shortage of skilled and productive manpower.


Read the article here: Training for the trenches – from battlefronts to boardrooms




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