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MOPAS.jpgWith the South Korean Government looking to the future and implementing a ‘Smart Work Vitalisation Strategy’, the Korean Ministry of Public Administration and Security (MOPAS) looked to Polycom’s Video Collaboration to support this project. MOPAS is responsible for affairs related to national administration, government organisations, personnel management, E-government and disaster management/public safety.


MOPAS’s commitment to support Korea’s ‘Smart Work Vitalisation Strategy’ by leveraging the power of video collaboration, makes them a Polycom APAC Superhero.


The South Korean Government’s ‘Smart Work Vitalisation Strategy’ aims to build 50 public Smart Work centres specifically for government officers use and 450 private Smart Work centres with high definition video collaboration solutions. This strategy will allow 30% of government officers to work remotely, any time, from any place, with the use of Polycom’s high-definition video collaboration solutions.


MOPAS required a secure and stable system that supports open standards and is easy-to-use, with the majority of government officers not having video collaboration experience. With ‘islands’ of employees fragmented by multiple communications systems, the RealPresence Platform transforms MOPAS with a seamless video experience.


When it comes to ROI, MOPAS expects that if each remote worker utilises their local SmartWork centre 1-2 days per week, it will be able to reduce emission trading and transportation costs by approximately USD$310 per one remote worker per year, and reduce commuter time by up to 90 minutes per day.


한국 독자 여러분, 한국어 케이스 스터디를 통해 행정자치부에서 어떻게 영상협업 솔루션을 활용하고 있는 지를 확인해 보세요. Learn how Ministry of Public Administration and Security has leveraged video collaboration with our English case study.


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