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I recently had the opportunity to address a group of media in India together with my colleagues – Minhaj Zia, Managing Director, Polycom India & SAARC and Tony Sandberg, Director, Industry Solutions and Market Development, Polycom Asia Pacific.  I want to share with you the discussion that I had where I covered a solution and strategy update from Polycom, and in particular an update from an Asia Pacific perspective.



At the heart of my discussion was that our innovation framework delivers differentiation with a focus on three core tenants: Best in Class User Experience; Multi-Vendor Integration, UC Ecosystem & Open Standard; and lastly, Greatest Return on Investment.


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One key factor can be the varied bandwidth availability that the user experiences across the region. We have Polycom® Constant Clarity™ which provides incredible audio and video resiliency with Lost Packet Recovery.  The Best User Experience encompasses a number of key aspects from a Polycom perspective – the network performance is a critical factor.  H.264 high profile allows for High Definition at lower call speeds, delivering 720p60 from 832Kbps and 1080p30 from 1Mbps.  This is the same base line technology that Blu-ray and other HD broadcasts use.  When you consider that across Asia Pacific we are at differing stages of high speed broadband deployment this can be fundamental to the user experience.


A fundamental aspect of what we are delivering in all our solutions at Polycom is Ease of Use – automatic camera control through Polycom EagleEye Director and simplified touch screen controls  that allow all users to simply start a call, share content and control the overall collaboration and engagement.  This simplicity and ease of use is now standard across all our room based systems such as the Group Series and content is king, so again, sharing of content from any participant is an easy step during any call.


Polycom through innovations such as SmartPairing enables you with the swipe of your screen to move a call from your tablet to be part of a room based system, with your tablet then used as a touch pad to manage and control the call.


New innovations from Polycom will definitely deliver on content being key – the next generation of immersive telepresence has the best in class audio and video experience.


Second tenant is the Multi-Vendor Integration focus that we have at Polycom – with extended API’s for 3rd Party.  Polycom now has more than 40 Polycom UC solutions for Microsoft.  The CX8000 for Microsoft Lync, Polycom’s Lync Room System is now part of Polycom’s extensive and broad Microsoft solution set and is being rolled out across Asia Pacific.  Polycom continues to develop our relationships with our UC Ecosystem partners such as HP, IBM, Juniper and Microsoft whom I just mentioned.


Finally I touched on Greatest Return on Investment – and Polycom has multiple deployment options for supporting infrastructure that supports this:


  1. Appliances (Physical Device)
  2. Software (Perpetual Licence)
  3. Software as a Service (Subscription)


These options allow you to collaborate the way you want to over voice, video and web, allowing you to choose the device that is right for you, and allowing you to connect anywhere, anytime across a diverse region like Asia Pacific with a consistent user experience.


What about the future?  I do touch on this at the end of my discussion and I will go into more detail on this in future blog posts over the coming will centre though on the user experience.


The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now
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