Polycom RealPresence One is not a new solution.  It does not provide new features or experiences. Yet, it is one of our most important releases ever. RealPresence One is a new package of the entire Polycom solution and experience, provided to our customers in a very simple format for exactly the size of deployment they need. 


So, what does it include? In a word, everything.


The complete Polycom end user experience


  • Highest quality video, audio and content collaboration
  • From any device or environment – room systems, laptops, tablets, smartphones, browsers
  • Connect to anyone regardless of network or technology
  • Fit to your workflow, whether you use scheduling, presence, or ad hoc Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Superior ease of use to book, connect, and manage calls
  • The best in call experiences with advanced camera options, SmartPairing technology, and more to ensure that seeing, hearing and sharing with the far side is as natural as possible


The complete Polycom IT experience


  • Scalability, reliability, and security provided by the RealPresence Platform
  • The industry’s best native interoperability with any UC environment
  • Complete centralised management of the solution
  • A 100% software solution that is easily deployed in your existing virtualised data center


Polycom Services


  • Complete deployment of your solution
  • Polycom Adoption Services and Adoption Portal to drive utilisation and maximise ROI
  • Monthly reporting on utilisation and benchmarking to ensure you get the most out of your investment and track its growth
  • Best in class maintenance and support
  • Complete software upgrades to ensure you always have the latest solutions and capabilities from Polycom


Customers no longer have to choose which pieces of the solution they need or can afford.  No more compromises on capability or the experience.  You get it all.


Nor do customers have to overbuild their deployment any longer and hope it gets utilised.  You buy it for exactly the usage you need and easily grow as utilisation increases.  Buy the full Polycom experience for 50 users now.  You need to add 20 more users further down the track?  No problem.


Customers no longer have to budget for big, one time capital outlays.  RealPresence One allows customers to maximise their cash flow and Opex budgets with a per-user, annual subscription model.


Polycom RealPresence One is the most complete, most flexible solution on the market.  There has been a lot of hype and confusion created by a number of new entrants in the market.  RealPresence One clears up the confusion by providing the complete, superior Polycom experience you want combined with the business models you now expect, all provided by the vendor that you trust.


I apologise if this sounded a bit like a sales pitch.  I just truly believe in this new offering and I want to make sure everyone understands why it is so great.  RealPresence One is the most significant launch I have seen at Polycom in over 10 years.  And it makes me wish I was back in sales!


Want to know more? Watch this video.


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