Super Collector

The Workplace of the Future is a trending topic in the world today, and there have been substantial conversations and discussions around it. At Polycom, our approach to this trend is the belief that work is not a place you go, but is what you do – defined by the action of adding value to the organisation you work for.


With employees working from anywhere, the expectations for a collaborative experience have evolved over time. If we look at the way our customers are now working and the environments in which they operate, these have changed significantly from how it used to be. In the past, video collaboration (“conferencing”) was an isolated, siloed technology that was done from a special room, with special equipment, requiring a booking to be made, and more than likely, additional IT support.


In the video below, I discuss Polycom innovations such as RealPresence® EagleEye™ Producer and Acoustic Fence™  that simplify the collaboration experience, putting user experience ahead of the technology. Have a look and see how you can add value to your collaboration experience.


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