I recently came across another press article explaining why companies are adding video communication to increase service differentiation and customer satisfaction. This is just another validation of how such a disruptive technology is transforming customer service across geographies and industries. What is your organisation doing about this? Will you lead the way or follow the herd? Here is what’s happening in the market…


Published in the Los Angeles Times, the article starts by telling the story of Veronica Vallejos who opted for the drive-through at Visterra Credit Union in Moreno Valley and how surprised she was to then interact with Regina, a video-enabled remote teller covering multiple branches. The reporter then explains that several other very well-known US companies are rolling out one-click access to help via video chat.


The same phenomenon is happening worldwide across industries. Video collaboration technology is now available on computers, tablets, smartphones, store kiosks and ATMs. Many banks have improved both their retail footprint and customer satisfaction by providing friendly help over video. This is the case, for example, of Ziraat Bank in Turkey and their unmanned banking booths. Visual customer service makes “cents” (sense) not only in Banking but in many other vertical markets such as Retail, Government, Manufacturing, High-Tech, Healthcare and even Education.



I invite you to listen above to my latest insights on the use of video for better customer service and read my previous post titled “Is Your Customer Service Human?” There I explain how video collaboration and video content management solutions reduce the distance that exists between organisations and customers as a result of process automation. It is high time to bridge this huge gap and bring back the “human touch” element to customer interactions. Be the change agent in your organisation! Start Now!


I’d welcome comments and suggestions for other topics you would like me to cover in future.


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