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Our Polycom VVX D60 will  begin shipping mid-April. Building on Polycom’s market-leading voice solutions the VVX D60 offers:

  • Scalable, cordless on premise mobility
  • Combines the freedom of wireless communication with seamless call management & advanced business features usually reserved for desk bound users
  • Easy to deploy and manage (Same best in class provisioning and management as all VVX devices in the portfolio)
  • Industry-leading HD voice for life-like conversations while minimizing fatigue and making calls more efficient and productive


The VVX D60 Wireless Handset offers the convenience of a cordless on premise mobility solution as a simple phone accessory. The VVX D60 Wireless Handset is designed for a range of user needs and environments. Wireless connections and features like conferencing and directory access help users stay productive, even when they move throughout the building or by the loading dock. Exceptional voice quality helps ensure employees communicate clearly and efficiently from virtually any location.


Documentation and SW is will be available on the Support site on April 1st. The release is adding support for the VVX D60 is available in the UC 5.4.3 Software release.




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