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UCS 5.3 is now available and includes improvements for BroadSoft, GENBAND and Microsoft Lync Customers


Polycom UCS 5.3 is the telecommunications industry’s broadest and most feature rich software for IP-enabled devices running in Open SIP or Microsoft® Lync® environments. It enables you to manage your communications easily and efficiently all via your Polycom desktop phone. UC Software allows you to make your calls see if your contacts are available, send Instant Messages and push content with ease and efficiency.


NEW! The latest release UCS 5.3 also includes a number of BroadSoft features such as Enhanced Call Park, Private Hold, BroadSoft Directory, UC One Directory and Acoustic Fence just to name a few all enabling you to further enhance your communications experience with optional features and benefits.


Now Genband end-users can benefit from the E911 location services, improved directory integration, and GENBAND MADN-SCA(Multiple Appearance Directory Numbers – Single Call Arrangement).


Lync users will find a very rich number of features and benefits such as: BToE PC Audio Playback, Native Lync Conferencing, Calendar Conference Join, Visual Voice Mail, Music on Hold, Boss/Admin Enhancements.


Let’s have a more intimate look at some of the new key features …

Samples of some of the BroadSoft features:

  • Private Hold - When a shared line user initiates a transfer of conference, phone places the existing active call on hold and all other shared line appearances are alerted by blinking red LED. The end user can enable the private hold feature to display the PvtHold soft key on a shared line. This feature enhances the user experience by holding the existing call privately.


  • Acoustic Fence – Your voice is often the single most important tool you have for communicating. Acoustic Fence will make it radiant! Acoustic Fence is built into UCS 5.3 and provides advanced noise cancellation for headset and handset users. This feature is suited for noisy environments like call centers and open plan offices. Now No more: “If you are typing, be sure you are muted!” 



Samples of some of the Genband features:


  • GENBAND E911 location tree: Allows the end user to select their location from a preconfigured list of locations. This location is used in emergency calls and allows the GENBAND server to route the emergency call to the appropriate Public Safety Access Point (PSAP). The GENBAND E911 location tree allows the emergency services to provide a faster response time that provides ease of mind to the end user.

Genband E911


  • Improve VVX -GENBAND Interoperability by adding Private and Global Address Book integration: Extends the Local Contact Directory, we are seeing: Business, Home, Mobile, Pager numbers. When the end user is dialing a number from the contacts are it will present the list of available numbers. End users can modified/delete entries once created. Now also benefit from a fully synchronize directory with the Genband Server. The directory setup details available through the Status Menu

Address Book


If you have enjoyed this preview of the new UCS 5.3 capabilities and would like to read more details on the large number of new features please read the entire UCS Features Summary or visit us on the Polycom voice page!


Polycom UC Software is the industry’s broadest and most feature rich software for IP-enabled devices

Running in Open SIP or Microsoft® Lync® environments. Built on SIP and open standards, UCS is proven interoperable with most of the industry's standard platforms and devices. It also includes features specifically designed for business and enterprise users.


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