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What is a Microsoft Lync Edition VVX phone?

  • The Lync Edition VVX phone comes bundled with the required Polycom UCS Lync license that, if ordered separately, was listed under “Voice Applications” as “Unified Communication Software License for <x> Unit(s) in Lync Environment”

       Benefit: Ordering is simplified. One order code for both the VVX phone and the required Polycom Lync software license


  • The Microsoft Lync Edition VVX phone comes preconfigured to the “Lync” base profile setting as the default instead of “Generic” (OpenSIP).

       Benefit: Ready to install in Lync environments


  • The VVX Lync Edition phone ships from the factory with a “Microsoft Qualified” Polycom UCS software release.

       Benefit: No need to downgrade to a different Polycom UCS release to be a Microsoft supported release



When the new Lync SKU's were introduced earlier this year, the Microsoft qualified UCS release, was a 4.1.x release.  There will be phones shipped with UCS 4.1.x in firmware in Distributor stocks before the phones begin shipping with a later 5.1.2 UCS (Microsoft Qualified) release. Using the Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) server makes the provisioning VVX phones and performing UCS release upgrades easy. Partners who are VoIP certified with Polycom need to undergo training in order to utilize the Zero Touch Provisioning software. You may request access to the ZTP training by emailing ztpinfo@polycom.com. More information on Zero Touch Provisioning can be found on the support page for ZTP.


Is there a difference in VVX phone operation between a VVX Lync Edition phone and a non-Lync edition VVX phone?


No. Once installed and configured for operation with Lync, the VVX Lync Edition phone is the same physical phone as the any other VVX phone. The available features on the phone will reflect the UCS software release that is installed on the phone for that software release




Important: The use of Polycom UC Software requires the purchase of a separate software license for every device that will use the Software in a Lync environment. Polycom recently instituted a reminder of this on our software download page. Ordering the Lync edition SKU's includes this license. If VVX phones are ordered with the non-Lync SKU, you must separately order the required Polycom Lync software license. 



Have you taken the time to download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Lync Edition VVX phones?  There are 5 pages of information including order codes, questions and answers etc. Download the recently updated FAQ  today (PartnerConnect login authentication is required).



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