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Microsoft #WPC16-2016-Flashcard-joint.jpgAnd we're off – I’ve departed the UK shores, reached 38,000 feet at 521 mph, and the nibbles trolley on the plane is my friend en route. I’ve still got 8 hours to gather my thoughts and prepare for what I’m sure will be an amazing and educating four days of representing Polycom at the Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference 2016 in Toronto, booth 643.


Unified Communications is changing rapidly – what was once considered as a black art only a few could pull off has now become a fundamental business process requirement that is mission critical to a large number organisations. You can call it, The Digital Era, Internet of Things or Workplace Transformation; whatever the buzz word of the day might be, the concept is still the same – we need to work more effectively to improve decision-making process and create a culture of encouraging ideas from all levels of the business. 


I’ve been with Polycom for 5 years now and in that short time Unified Communications has evolved from being a driver solely adopted to reduce travel costs to become a catalyst for revolutionising business productivity. The technology industry is moving at a much faster pace than before and it is a known fact that a digital enterprise is a more successful enterprise, but the real question is how do we embrace the changeover without having to face many repercussions.


For Polycom, partners are key to our go-to-market strategy and we need to make sure we are fully aligned with each other, and driving UC innovation jointly. "The successful partner of 2020 will look entirely different from the successful partner of 2010," said Darren Bibby, vice president, Channels and Alliances research, IDC. That is a bold statement but I do agree you need to evolve and be ahead of your competition.


a.jpg.pngSo my first thought is to help our partners learn what does success look like for them in this joint journey? With years of experience in the bag, Polycom can help shape the business relevance and offer a service that your customers want and require. The table (on the left) demonstrates some of the core areas we can help you develop to become a successful partner. It’s not rocket science – the course is simple so why not make a change and join the journey. As a vendor we believe in ‘selling with you’ rather than ‘selling to you’ so that we can deliver the most effective solution to the customers.


At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016, I am not only looking to educate the partners about our existing approach but also looking forward to identify new ways of extending our approach. The next few days present the opportunity to dwell deeper and network with the new peers and partners. So stay tuned for my updates to keep abreast with Polycom and remember to visit Polycom at booth 643.  




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