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UCS 5.2 is now available and includes improvements for GENBAND Customers


In our most recent version of UC Software, we are now more focused than ever on improving the overall experience for Genband customers.  Specifically, GENBAND end-users can now benefit from E911 location services, improved directory integration, and GENBAND MADN-SCA(Multiple Appearance Directory Numbers – Single Call Arrangement) support among a host of other end-user improvements and modifications. 


Let’s take a closer look at three of these new key features …

  • In an emergency, nobody has time to log into a nearby phone before calling for help nor are people always able to provide their location. The E911 feature allows the user to place calls to emergency numbers from a “Locked” or “Logged Out” phone. Further, the E911 feature allows a user to configure a location through the phone that will be passed to the emergency services.
  • Improved directory services: now a seamless synchronized address book access from multiple phones or soft-clients
  • GENBAND MADN-SCA#: Polycom UCS 5.2.0 release now offers VVX phone users in GENBAND environments better interoperability, enhanced call management allowing multiple users to access a single line (referred to as MADN-SCA) Multiple Appearance Directory Numbers – Single Call Arrangement and E911 support, connecting emergency calls with the appropriate public resources.

For additional details on GENBAND support I have more details in the UCS Features Summary


In addition to a number of significant user experience improvements, Polycom UCS 5.2 improves the Boss/Admin workflow with Server Independent Intercom Auto-Answer

The UC5.2 release further streamlines intercom behavior for boss and admin auto-answer scenarios.


Highly effective teams need the ability to pass calls to each other quickly and without interrupting communications. Executive Assistants, secretaries need to answer calls on behalf of their manager’s office. With the latest Polycom UCS 5.2 release, the boss and admin’s intercom scenario is simplified and improved with the addition of auto answer intercom operation. Now, when the admin answers the call and puts it on hold, he/she can call the boss as an “intercom call” and the boss does not have to touch a key to converse with the admin—the intercom call can be answered without the need to touch the phone at all, allowing the boss to continue what they are doing and just respond verbally to the intercom.



UCS 5.2 is now faster and simpler to deploy.

As software becomes more complex, the size of the application grows. With thousands of phones trying to download these ever larger software applications, the strain on a service providers’ network grows. UCS5.2.0 has reduced the size of the VVX software application by over 25%, significantly reducing the load on networks during an upgrade. UCS5.2 also provides improved support for failover when used with a Polycom DMA cluster, reducing downtime and improving the user experience.


If you have enjoyed this preview of some of the new UCS 5.2 capabilities and would like to learn more about the remaining features in this release or even look back in time into some of our previous releases, please click below to read the entire UCS Features Summary or visit us on the Polycom voice page!


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