Converging shifts in technology, demographics, culture, physical workspaces and competitive dynamics have already begun to reshape the modern work environment. As a result, IT leaders across the globe are focused on driving innovation, optimizing IT budgets and future proofing their organizations with collaborative technology. Research consistently shows they are also focused on enabling their workforce through the right tools and solutions. 

Josh Lesavoy Heashot.jpgThis week we highlight Josh Lesavoy, Chief Information Officer at Nextiva to get his take on industry trends, the modern workplace and advice for customers.   


Q: Tell us about Nextiva and your role within the organization.

Josh: I joined Nextiva in 2007 and currently serve as our Chief Information Officer. I am responsible for directing the company’s technology plans and investments. Additionally, I manage all of our data center operations and the relationships with Nextiva’s carriers and vendors. I’m also heavily involved in our strategic planning and product development. 


Q: Consumers are demanding more from the collaboration solutions they use. This has accelerated the development of software alternatives and/or services in the cloud. What do you think is driving demand? 

Josh: I believe a huge contributing factor to this is the rise of the modern office environment, an increase in remote workers, and the demand for flexible work hours. Employees want to be able to work from wherever, whenever. We’ve seen a significant increase in businesses wanting the Nextiva App, our mobile app that puts your business phone on any device, as part of their communications solution.


Not only has the modern work environment changed, but the technology people use outside of the office is heavily influencing the technology they want to use at work. We live in a hyper-connected world that is focused on convenience, and businesses are demanding communications and collaboration solutions that allow them to increase their employees’ productivity, no matter where they are located or choose to work from that day.


Q: As CIO, describe the challenges associated with evolving to address the needs of the modern workplace?

Josh: Taking the security of information into account when dealing with technology and cloud communications is something we must always be mindful of. We put a major emphasis on ensuring our network and infrastructure is as secure as possible. The businesses we serve trust us with their communications needs, and we don’t take that lightly.


This may be more of an opportunity than a challenge, but being aware of what’s going on in the telecommunications market and the technology industry is very important. As we develop new products and further expand our infrastructure, we are always looking ahead to what’s next in cloud communications and customer wants/needs, which can be challenging at times since technology is rapidly evolving. In this industry, you have to be willing to alter course and adopt new technology quickly, or you’ll be left behind.


Q: Please share your thoughts on the recent transition to UCS 5.3 on Nextiva’s platform?  How will this enhancement help customers increase productivity within the workplace?

Josh: Back in June, Nextiva transitioned all Polycom VVX phones on our network to UCS 5.3, and it was a seamless implementation. We were the first service provider worldwide to adopt and roll out UCS 5.3 to our entire customer base. We didn’t experience any issues when testing the devices pre-roll out or need to make any network changes.


We use Polycom VVX phones internally, and our team was very excited about the new software launch—especially the new Acoustic Fence feature. We like to have fun in our office, and it can get a bit loud at times, but with the Acoustic Fence we never have to worry about our customers hearing any background noise when they talk to our team.


Our customers have also been very excited about the Acoustic Fence feature. The majority of workplaces were not designed with audio quality and acoustics in mind, and this causes noise issues when a lot of people are on the phone at one time. UCS 5.3 solves this issue for the businesses we serve, and many have commented how the implementation of the new software has improved the customer experience and company image thanks to improved audio quality. The elimination of background noise has also increased employee productivity and they’re able to assist customers faster.


Q: Nextiva recently completely upgraded its corporate headquarters with new Polycom VVX voice solutions; please share your thoughts on the integration and how the new solutions will help the various departments/business functions within your organization?

 Josh: As I mentioned, we upgraded all of our Polycom VVX phones at our headquarters to UCS 5.3 and it has significantly improved our interactions with customers. The Acoustic Fence feature is a favorite of our Sales, Account Management and Support teams. We are dedicated to providing the businesses we serve with a level of customer service that we call Amazing Service®, and UCS 5.3 provides us with another tool to achieve this.


Prior to adopting Polycom VVX model phones in the office, we had no consistency or process for the phones that we used, which made it challenging for updates and troubleshooting. Once we made the switch, it has been much easier for our internal support team and given our team features that weren’t available on the other devices they were previously using. 


Also, Nextiva’s in-house video production team created the below video to highlight Polycom’s new Acoustic Fence feature. Our employees and customers have really enjoyed it! Watch it here


In summary, IT leaders face a staggering list of priorities and business objectives. They are working with their cross functional counterparts to deliver secure mobile technology and promote connectivity from all environments, redesign office space, maintain employee engagement, and drive productivity for a more dispersed workforce.  None of which is possible without business-process centric approaches and innovative partnerships. Polycom’s vision and strategy coupled with important partnerships with companies like Nextiva enable and empower the workplace of the future.  


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