Polycom and AVI-SPL have teamed up to support Food Revolution, an exciting global program that brings awareness for practical food education for all children in schools across the world. This Friday, May 15th at 11 am- ET, Jamie Oliver, celebrity chef, restaurateur, and media personality will connect to Northview Heights Secondary School in North York, Ontario, Canada. Jamie will use Polycom’s video collaboration technology to teach 1500 + Northview Height students how to make a healthy lunch. AVI-SPL’s VNOC will launch and monitor the call.


This is one several live events in support of the Jamie Oliver Foundation’s Food Revolution Program. The Food Revolution Program is calling on all G20 governments to put food education back into school curriculum. More than 1,300 Food Revolution ambassadors in more than 120 counFood Revolution.jpgtries have 

scheduled events and we are excited to support this important cause!


Polycom video collaboration technology continues to be used for distance learning programs across the globe to broadcast live discussion in real-time. High definition video enables schools to provide borderless education where they can multiply impact, extend their reach and improve student’s access to knowledge and expertise.


Want to join in and help?

  • Visit the Food Revolution website to learn more about this important cause
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