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This blog is the first in a series that describes the changing landscape of technology sales. Upcoming installments will drill down and discuss how the video collaboration industry is being impacted and where service-led engagements can benefit customers, partners and vendors.

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If you’ve been tracking the video collaboration sector over the past three to five years and have perused any of the recent reports from Wainhouse, Gartner, Forrester, or Frost and Sullivan you will have read that the unified communications (UC) industry is in the midst of a rapid transformation. There’s a shift from hardware to software, and a shift from software to cloud-based and as-a-service solutions.


Welcome to the new world of technology business models. It’s a transformation that’s not at all unique to the UC industry. It’s happening across the technology sector. The Technology Service Industry Association (TSIA) tracks revenue trends across their Service 50 Index. These top 50 technology organizations representing hardware, software and pure service businesses are largely reporting flat or declining product revenue but growth in service revenues. Where there is change, there is opportunity.


Technology is no longer about the latest and greatest products with more and more cool, whizzy features. We technology vendors long ago exceeded our customers’ ability to consume all the features in our products without serious commitment to education, integration and user adoption programs. Today it’s about ensuring that customers are successful in using our cool technology solutions to solve real business problems and realize real business outcomes. The features race is over and the customer in many cases lost. Too many features. Too complicated to use. Too little adoption.


TSIA published an interesting video from a recent conference describing the coming technology business transformation. Check out the TSIA video and then add a comment if you are experiencing any of the shifts in customer expectations and behaviors being described by the speakers.




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