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This blog is the second in a series that describes the changing landscape of technology sales. Previous and upcoming installments will discuss how the video collaboration industry is being impacted and where service-led engagements can benefit customers, partners and vendors.


Many customers no longer want to build complex technology solutions. They increasingly want to consume them and pay for only what they consume. They are looking for an operating expense (OpEx) model rather than the high risk capital expenditure (CapEx) model of the past. Technology providers need to sell them just what they need, when they need it. We need to help them figure out what they need, and how they can best use it and incorporate it into their existing business processes and technology environments.


In the “good old days” of B2B, technology suppliers made, sold and shipped their products to customers. As the supplier, we may have assisted with the installation but then walked down the street to the next deployment leaving the customer largely on their own to realize the desired business outcomes promised by the new technology. The customer had a significant upfront cost to acquire the new technology and then carried all the risk in realizing the ROI. In the B2B model, we sold things to customers.

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I recently read the book, B4B by J.B. Wood, Todd Hewlin and Thomas Lah and the model described in the book represents a significant shift in the business model for technology suppliers. With B4B, technology suppliers provide business outcome for customers. We get paid based on customer success. We have skin in the game. We share the journey and share t


he risk. We are involved earlier in the buying process and stay engaged with the customer long after our solutions are installed and running.


For more on B4B, download Chapter One of the book at the link below:




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