Social media is red hot! More and more companies are leveraging social media for lead generation, prospecting, event marking, customer service and more. Sales people have gotten onboard too! According to a report published by the Aberdeen Group, 79 percent of salespeople who incorporate social media into their sales process make quota compared to the industry average of 43 percent. 


Jeff Hoffman, social selling expert and best selling author suggests "social media’s strength for businesses has always been in its ability to scale personal interactions.…social gives sales reps that are hungry for touch-points with their prospects and leads, a way to connect and further the relationship without much added financial cost”.  Hoffman's point of view summarizes the business benefits associated with social media in away that causes even the toughest skeptic to pause and consider. And at Polycom we agree.


social-enbmnt-hero-pc-661x275-13886.jpgIn fact, in addtion to our social efforts, Polycom developed a program to help partners get started in social media.


Polycom's Social Enablement Program:


  • Provides Polycom partners with tools, event promotion support, and training in order to succeed in social media
  • Partners can contact or visit PartnerConnect to get started immediately!
  • It's totally FREE for partners!

Interested in learning more about social media or Polycom's Social Enablement Program for Partners? 


Youre' in luck! Polycom hosted "The Business Benefits of Social Media", webinar recently. Missed the live session? No problem, the recording of this session is now avaialble on PartnerConnect. 


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The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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