What is Social Media?

Chances are your customers or colleagues are on “it” but what is “it” exactly? Social media is widely described as forms of electronic communication (i.e. social networking and microblogging) where users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content. Both B2C and B2B organizations alike can benefit from social media and contrary to popular belief this includes the resellers, solution providers, integrators, service providers and distributors in the IT channel. If you aren’t actively leveraging social media now is the time to start doing so and Polycom can help!


Why you should care?

Social media can be an effective communication tool but it’s not your traditional sales or marketing medium. Social media

allows for instant two-way communication. With social anything is possible but relevance is the key to nurturing existing and or building relationships with social media.



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So where should you start? There are tons of social networks and each has its own set of pros and cons, its own culture and audience.  According to the Global Web Index , Facebook still has the largest user base among social networking sites but Instagram experienced the biggest rise in active user numbers as Q4 2013.  This is a powerful statistic but will Facebook or Instagram help you educate or engage with your existing customer base or find new prospects?

Alternatively, LinkedIn is all about collaborating and sharing amongst professionals. LinkedIn provides another way for resellers, solution providers, integrators, service providers and distributors in the IT channel to target and communicate with existing customers whilst actively searching for new ones. This proven approach is often referred to as social selling.  Some experts suggest social selling will eventually replace the cold call because it is a more targeted and measurable approach. Twitter another popular tool is the largest news source available today; in a way it holds the world’s information in one place. And the best part, Twitter is used by business professionals, marketers, executives and everyone in between.


Let’s go social

At Polycom we see social media as powerful intersection point that allows us to actively engage and listen to the needs of the marketplace. So if you’re not on social now is the time to get started and we can help!

Visit PartnerConnect for more information on Polycom’s Social Enablement program for partners or if you’re short on time, follow us on Twitter or contact us at social@polycom.com for immediate access to free content and resources specifically curated for Polycom partners.


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