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As the definition of “workplace” broadens to include remote offices, coffee shops, homes, and even cars, the network faces new challenges. Now more than ever, organizations need to accommodate larger quantities of workers in multiple places and under a number of environmental circumstances.  Modern hyper-connected work environments face also heightened security risks and increased network complexity which has impacted the way AV integrators think about, plan and support work environments.  However, AV integrators are rising above these challenges by incorporating the following:


1.      Investing in enhanced technical and networking skills

It has always been important for integrators to keep up-to-date on the latest AV technologies.  In today’s converged world it is also critical for AV integrators to have advanced knowledge of the network in order to effectively design, implement and manage modern workspace systems.     


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2.      Working with in house IT

The modern workplace is heavily influenced by collaboration solutions workers use outside of the office.  As such the internal IT department should be a partner in every pre-site review. They provide additional support, know-how and share additional findings about how employees within their organizations communicate.


3.      Setting up endpoint configurations before implementing technologies.

Host platforms/services (like Microsoft Lync/Exchange, Cisco CUCM, Avaya CM, and similar) drive the endpoint configuration requirements, not the other way around. This approach supports smooth integrations.


4.      Developing systemic approaches

Search for the right, total solution instead of a piece-meal, basic solution. Polycom is a unified communications (UC) enabler that holds all of the necessary technology to properly provision the collaborative workplace of the future, including the most robust audio, visual and content management solutions. Additionally, as well as giving you the support you need Polycom can also provide end-users with a high level of service and support to help accelerate adoption.


5.      It doesn’t stop at the RJ-45 wall-jack

There was a day when the AV integrators responsibility stopped at the wall-jack. In today’s converged systems environment the technology encompasses a much broader scope than in years past.  Although it can bring new challenges, moving beyond the wall-jack also creates abundant opportunites.


My colleague Marc Brown, Polycom's Group VP of Product Solutions and Market shared some valuable insight on trends in collaboration that AV integrators need to be aware. Ultimately the market trends and the evolution of the modern workplace presents a host a opportunities for forward thinking AV integrators.

The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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