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Day two of TEAM Polycom maintained inspirational tone.  Following Peter Leav’s exciting and powerful opening keynote, Ashan Willy, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Systems Engineering and Product Management, and Michael Frendo, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Engineering, took to the stage to share Polycom’s vision of the workplace of the future – a vision that is here today. 


Both displayed an energetic view of the future. Ashan and Michael provided a comprehensive recap of 2014 and demonstrated some of Polycom’s latest innovations including RealPresence EagleEye Producer, Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock. According to Ashan, “Polycom has displayed an active voice in defying distances. These solutions are defying distractions.”


After taking the audience through some of the new solutions, the two turned their attention to what;s coming next – rich innovative video, voice and content offerings in 2015. “We’ve given a consistent set of experiences across the line with consistent capabilities – Visual Board, EagleEye Producer and Eagle Eye Director,” Ashan said to the packed room. Michael added, “The way you interact with Polycom technology should be simple, intuitive and consistent. It’s a simple but fundamental and important thing. It will make the technology more useful.”


The message was clear; the innovation coming from Polycom is about integrating experiences into a customer’s everyday work flow and ultimately this innovation is designed to position partners for success.

The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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