Millennials are an interesting bunch.  Marketers are studying, analyzing and, in some cases over-analyzing their purchasing decisions. At the same time, companies are working to identify the business communication needs for their workforce, of which millennials play a big role.  Conventional wisdom says millennials want the latest and greatest collaboration tools, and this includes the desktop phone.


Not convinced? 


No Jitter recently published a proactive article about millennials and desktop phones which got me thinking and ultimately wondering whether millennials like their desktop phones more than we think. And here’s why. More and more companies see the value and ROI of building a visual and more collaborative corporate culture. Gone are the days of device doldrums where business communication tools were accessed in silos.  Further compounding this thought process; desktop phones offer a budget friendly and a reliable entry point for video. Keep in mind content sharing, instant message and real time collaboration are available at a workers finger tips. In other words: this is not your old school phone. 


millennialtakeover-791x1024 (1).png

The workplace of the future is HERE and collaboration is different for the enterprise, mid-sized and small business.     Yet business communication tools must be similar to or have the ability to be seamlessly integrated into the applications workers use when they are in or outside of the office. 


Now before you go from 0 to 100 on this, ask yourself: does the wave of device democracy support the point of view that millennials like desktop phones because they’ve moved beyond being just a phone?


If they’re business communication tools that are a part of a millennial’s workflow, which means the tool is easy to use AND helps them get their job done, is it a stretch to think they might actually like it? 


What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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