The power of video makes great things possible, and innovative companies are defying distance every day to gain competitive advantage.  Several large forward-looking companies are investing in technology that brings high quality video collaboration into their daily business processes to improve productivity, support business continuity and reduce expenses. But what about small or midsized companies or a large company with limited budget? Today all businesses need communication and collaboration applications that can seamlessly support the way their teams work. polycom-hr-infographic-com-600x849-enus.png


For instance think about an industry like financial services – an industry which has a number of large traditional corporate entities like investment banks and brokerage houses; this industry, however, also includes hundreds of well-established mid-sized organizations built on the franchise model as well as many independent financial advisors. Cloud video collaboration services can help financial advisors connect in real time to share lead generation strategies or customer acquisition best practices by region.  Advisors can also jointly develop processes to test market new financial products. Cloud based video collaboration services provides a highly personal means of communicating with leads or existing customers for annual retirement or investment account reviews, tax preparation and more. The best part, cloud-based video collaboration services are accessible due to low up-front costs and poses minimal impact on IT and most important advisors have the ability to pay as they go.  


This level of flexibility and opportunity can’t come at the expense of quality, reliability, security or user experience. Polycom’s expansive portfolio includes the RealPresence Cloud which is powered by the Polycom RealPresence Platform.  The cloud based video service is sold by leading Solution and Service Providers that are looking for way to support these needs of small to mid-sizes companies. 



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