CompTIA recently reported that over 80 percent of end-users and 95 percent of channel firms are planning significant cloud investments, which made us wonder: Are cloud solutions the next frontier? Countless reports and industry thought leaders seem to think they are. We tapped Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research to get his take on this growing trend.


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Cloud video services, also known as Video as a Service or VaaS, are fast becoming the go to for users familiar with video collaboration at home and now at the office. Virtual conference rooms support time sensitive projects where face-to-face communication is required for success. This pay as you go model connects remote workers and external experts with internal decision makers.


Cloud services like Polycom’s RealPresence Cloud lets resellers ramp up quickly and go to market with a solid offering that appeals to both existing and new customers. The best part, they can do so without investing in in-house IT expertise.


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