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The workplace is changing, no doubt about it. I recently discussed how AV integrators can help organizations shape and support the workplace of the future.


Today, nearly 24% of the U.S. working population telecommutes for at least a few hours each week. This helps employers save precious dollars and increase employee engagement, it also provides an opportunity for AV integrators like you to grow revenue and become your customer’s trusted advisor. But to take advantage of these opportunities, you will need to address the demand for reliable collaboration technology and expand your skill set to include:


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1.  An increased understanding of the network to support a dispersed workforce. Why? In the modern workplace AV experts that are well-versed in networking are able to accurately determine whether a customer’s current IT network can support new collaboration solutions as well as countless endpoints. Today’s tech savvy workforce presents unique security challenges which means AV integrators will have to take into account workers who are more likely to use unsupported software and services.


2.  Advanced expertise integrating new collaboration technologies and services. Including, but not limited to:


     a.  Video content management (VCM): AV experts who can expand the conversation will help workers benefit from solutions like VCM that can stream, record and archive valuable intellectual capital. VCM helps contributors within the modern work place manage content more effectively. There has never been a better time to elevate VCM solutions during discussions with customers. Experts predict market demand will grow rapidly, so why not start the conversations today and capture a greater share of wallet?


    b.  Audio technologies: Workplace transformations will include modern and open work spaces which inherently creates communication and collaboration challenges. But familiarity with innovative audio technologies like the acoustic bubble technology will help you save the day. You will help customers go from imagining meetings without background noise or interruptions— to leveraging work spaces optimized for audio—essentially helping teams connect seamlessly from any conference room, traditional office or unconventional place of work.   


    c.  Video as a Service (VaaS): Cloud services like VaaS will also have a profound impact on work processes and more and more collaboration technology will help workers complete daily tasks and projects. The VaaS model provides a straightforward way to diversify your portfolio and appeal to a new crop of customers in growth sectors such as healthcare, financial services and education.


3.  Solution selling mind-set.  You must start seeing yourself as a change agent and move from hardware sales to solution selling. Polycom’s award winning Choice program provides incentives to support AV integrators who invest and expand their expertise. In many cases advanced specializations can help you effectively sell, implement and support the sophisticated collaboration technologies.  


With the emergence of the modern workplace AV integrators just like you have a myriad of opportunities to maximize market trends and develop new revenue streams like never before!

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