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Pipeline, pipeline, pipeline is the only motto we know in B2B marketing, it’s all about the ROI for every dollar we put in. However the only way to get that pipeline is to drive leads, leads and more leads. Below are three tips for maximizing your demand generation efforts that are immediately available to you right now.


1. Go Social


Social media is a great way to expose your company to a large audience and new leads. Social media is the world of instant gratification so use assests such as white papers, case studies, industry reports or on-demand webinars, that are instantly available to draw in leads. Create a landing page or microsite with a form that will allow you to capture insights about users that take an interest in your content. It may be helpful to arrange your content by buying stage. There you have it, an almost NO COST way to bring in new leads. You can also:


  • Identify popular hashtags on Twitter to maximize your reach
  • Use images make your posts on Facebook and Linkedin stand out from the feed and has been proven to increase click rates

2. Automate and Integrate


Leverage the tools you already have better. Integrate your CRM tool with your database or content tool to automate tasks such as uploading leads, updating contact data and tracking lead activity. You can also take advantage of closed loop reporting so you can see the actual ROI from each campaign without the manual calculations and merging reports from different systems. It will save you time and make large campaigns more scalable and repeatable.


3. Analyze and Target


Use the data you capture to refine and your target audience. This will help you to understand where they get their information so that you can get your brand and content in the right places. Be it Linkedin, leadership industry community forums, vertical focused Twitter Chats, or your emails, create some compelling content and put it out there. This will help you to maximize the bang for your buck spent creating those killer content pieces because you KNOW that there is an audience that is eager to receive your information.


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