Trying to use a Wolfvision Camera

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Trying to use a Wolfvision Camera

Im having a problem using a WolfVision eye-12 camera for my video. After selecting the camera I get a message saying that there was an error and that I should restart. After restarting nothing happens and no video shows from the camera.


The drivers have all been installed and I can use the camera in other applications just not in the m100 application.


Any suggestions

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Re: Trying to use a Wolfvision Camera

Ok just to confirm, you are using M100 video conferencing App? You are not using a hardware platform i.e. HDX, VSX?

You are trying to use the Wolfvision as the camera rather than a PC based web cam such as a Logitech or Microsoft?

The M100 app is looking for a windows/MAC compatible camera. How do you have the PC/Laptop connected to the Wolfvision and can you see this as a compatible device if you go into Device Manager?

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