Remote End can see my video, but I can't see them

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Remote End can see my video, but I can't see them

I have a very simple organization with Telepresence m100 installed in every computer. I can always make full two-way calls within every computer in my organization with both two-way video and audio.


However, I have a Avizia Tactical VTC (portable hardware VTC) that I am trying to utilize with Telepresence. Whenever we initiate a call with each other, the users on the Avizia Tactical can both see and hear me. However, on my end (Telepresence on any computer), I can only hear them. I can't see them. I just get a black screen.


In basic terms, users on Telepresnce can't see the other end. However, users on the Avizia Tactical are able see the Telepresence users.


I have even tried to connect the Avizia Tactical to the same exact local network that the Telepresnce computer that I am doing my test is on. The same issues persist. When I make calls to other issue to other Telpresnce computers, even if they're on different networks, there are no issues.


I am wondering if this is an incompatibility issue between Telepresence software and the "hard" Avizia Tactical VTC. I am pretty sure this is not a networking issue.

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Re: Remote End can see my video, but I can't see them

Try using the RealPresence Desktop software instead of the M100.  That is a more recent software for desktop computing resources than the M100.

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