QDX 6000 SIP settings problem

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QDX 6000 SIP settings problem

Dear friends!

We has a problem with QDX 6000 - i can not make settings to connect QDX 6000 to SIP server.

In web-interface I select  Admin Settings > Network > IP Network> SIP Settings

Here is next fields :


Authentication Name:

User Name:

Change Password

Registrar Server:

Proxy Server:


I entering information in Authentication Name: and Registrar Server: fields and try to set password for Registrar Server

When I checked Change Password fileld, new fields: New Password: and Confirm Password: is appear.

I enter password fo Registrar Server in this fields, and press Update button. Browser is hang. After few seconds I see a message about hanging script on this page.

How make connection to SIP server from QDX 6000?

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Re: QDX 6000 SIP settings problem



Have you try to put the same server in both fied:


Registrar Server:

Proxy Server:



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