PVX to HDX6000 only audio at far side

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PVX to HDX6000 only audio at far side

Hi first poster here,

we are setting up PVX software and are having some issues with video.

the problem is only when using our T1 line through a d-link router.

the far side only receives my audio.

I see and hear them fine.


if i connect directly to my T1 line all is fine.

if i connect wirelesly through our other ISP DSL line everything is fine.

I can connect to many test sites with no issues.

the far side can connect to test sites and other sites (eg. our Spain HQ) with no issues.


so what could be stopping my video from reaching the far side?

my firewall is off.

all port settings are as recommended (1720, 3230-3237, 5060, etc).

i have tried using a different router (purchased new for testing) aswell.


Any help is appreciated, if there are any questions/more info reqd please let me know.

I am fairly new to fixed ip networking, so please bare with me if I seem un-informed.




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Re: PVX to HDX6000 only audio at far side

Hi Colin,



Within the PVX, under "Setup"->"Network"->"Connection", please select "Behind NAT/Firewall" and under the "Ports" tab, select "User UPnP port forwarding".


I hope this helps!

Best Regards,

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