No outbound calls

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No outbound calls



I'm trying the m100 software and getting some trouble.

In my company we already have a HDX700 set up in a VBP. I'm using the VBP as gatekeeper and I can dial to my HDX and it can dial to me, but I can't dial to another number outside my  network. We have HDX environments in other countries that by HDX I can dial but m100 not.

What I have to configure in m100 to allow me dial to them ?



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Re: No outbound calls

The m100 will pickup the IP address of its host laptop which is most likely a non-ratable IP address. You will need to set up a public IP address for it and enter that address in the NAT section of the m100 settings. There may also be a Windows firewall which is turned on. Or you may need to register the m100 to the same gatekeeper that the HDX uses. 

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Re: No outbound calls

He might be using a different gateway.  Try doing a trace of your route and compare with the trace from the 7000. If going out the same way the unit has the same hops out to the internet.


the command in command line is "tracert"  it traces to google dns.

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