Any issues with teleconferencing and U-Verse?

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Any issues with teleconferencing and U-Verse?

We are a small business and currently have just regular, bottom of the barrel, DSL.  We have decided we need to upgrade to U-Verse for a greater bandwidth and speed.  When this decision was mentioned to our Polycom Partner during the process of troubleshooting another issue with them, they informed us that Polycom teleconferencing does not work with U-Verse.  I have googled this and can find nothing attesting to this supposed problem.


I am posting in the forum here to see if Polycom or any users of Polycom equipment have had, or know of, such an issue.

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Re: Any issues with teleconferencing and U-Verse?

Polycom, as with any video conferencing system, supports H.323 and/or SIP and does not have any way of knowing what carrier, SP or ISP that the customer is using.


This type of a question is more a question of the ISP supporting interactive videoconferencing.  I would recommend that you get an SLA from them for their support of all the traffic you would be using their services for.

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