2 simultamius EagleEye cameras

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2 simultamius EagleEye cameras

Hello all,


It's a shot in the dark, but has anyone setup a Polycom unit to send feed from two EagleEye cameras at the same time (one sites presenter AND audience)? We currently use HDX-8000 systems at several sites and would like to have remote participants see both presenter and that locations audience.


ANY info or suggestions to achieve this would be GREAT!!!




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Re: 2 simultamius EagleEye cameras



Take a look at RP Group Release Notes ver. 5.0.0. -> Experimental Features -> Dual Live-Stream. This seems as just you want.


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Re: 2 simultamius EagleEye cameras



I will definatelly check that out. Thanks for the info!!




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Re: 2 simultamius EagleEye cameras

The Group Series 700 can do this as a single people stream as noted by a post.


The HDX and the Group Series support People + Content.  Generally people send the main camera as people and a 'computer' as content.  There are no 'rules' around what can be sent as content, so in you case you could send one camera as the speaker and another on the audience.  The one on the audience can not be controlled from the system, in other words you would have no pan, tilt and zoom.


With the HDX 8000 and the GS 700 you have enough inputs you can still have another hardwired input you can replace the audience ‘content’ with computer content, or even a DVD player content input. On the HDX systems with just 2 hardwired inputs you would have to use another way, like People + Content IP or the RealPresence Desktop via SmartPairing, RealPresence Mobile on a tablet via SmartPairing or RealPresence Web Suite. Using the RealPresence Touch on Group Series or Polycom Touch Control on either HDX or Group Series you can share content. You can also share data via Skype and Skype for Business.


Anytime you would use any method to share content it would replace the content camera that is showing the audience.


Another solution that works well for an application like this is the EagleEye Director. You can remote the establishing/room camera up to 50’ from the EagleEye Director base which has the immersive camera on it. You position the base so it cannot see the lecturer and use the establishing camera on the lecturer. When the immersive camera cannot ‘find’ the eyes, nose and mouth of the lecturer it will send the establishing camera. When some on in the audience speaks the immersive camera will send the speaker, and if everyone in the room is speaking it will send the whole room.


There are many solutions that could be used and I would recommend working with your Polycom representative to figure out the best use of Polycom technology to solve your application requirements.

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