Voxbox dropping connection

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Voxbox dropping connection

Tried Logging a support ticket, and was told this product was not a product handled by @Support How is that possible? Anyways, that's why I'm posting here.


When using Voxbox for Zoom conference calls connected as a Computer Audio Device via a USB 3.0 Port, it constantly disconnects itself randomly from the conference call, and then re-connects itself. It does not matter what machine the device is connected to, and seems to have this problem with any conference calls tied directly to computer (Such as Zoom or Webex).


Anyone else have this issue? Is there an RMA process or something to fix this?

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Re: Voxbox dropping connection

I created an account here to report the same issue as well. It's especially annoying on Google Meet - whenever it briefly disconnects, my audio goes silent and my mic stops working. I have to quit Chrome, or go through the process of selecting a different mic source and then reselecting the Voxbox. 

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Re: Voxbox dropping connection

Hello @justaplaneguy0,


Welcome to Poly Community.


This needs to be investigated and suggest you to log a ticket for this.


Troubleshooting or providing support via the community is outside the scope for myself as a Poly employee.
 Please raise a ticket with Poly Technical Support using this link.

You will need to provide the following:


• Provide HUB/Lens verbose logs (if issue is easily reproducible or requested) & its version in use
• Video of issue if possible as it will help visualize the issue.

• Provide screenshots related to issue or error messages.
• Serial number or firmware version of headset/speaker/USB dongle when issue is noticed.
• Softphone version in use.

• Operating System in use.


Please remember, if you see a post that helped you, and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accept as Solution".
This forum reply, or post is based upon my personal experience and does not reflect the opinion or view of my employer. Poly employee participation within this community is not mandatory and any post or FAQ article provided by myself is done either during my working hours or outside working hours, in my private time, and may be answered on weekends, bank holidays or personal holidays.

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