Sync 40 firmware update fails

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Sync 40 firmware update fails

Poly Sync 40: v.94
Poly Lens (Win): 1.1.3

I have a stack of Sync 40s that I need to update and occasionally when I try to update the firmware through Poly Lens it gets so far and then it fails. It appears that it's possible to do a manual update  but I cannot find a link to download the firmware. 

Does anyone happen to have a link to v. 96.1630? 


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Re: Sync 40 firmware update fails

Hey, i´ve also faced similar issues when the device was "blocked" by Teams or Zoom.

Try closing all UC applications before running the update process.

Can´t help you out with the software package for local upgrade, sorry.

Kind regards,
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Re: Sync 40 firmware update fails

Hello jbass@srcinc,


Welcome to Poly Community.


We do have offline firmware update possibility but community page is not the right page to request assistance for such issues. 

Troubleshooting or providing support via the community is outside the scope for myself as an Poly employee.

Please raise a ticket with Poly Technical Support to request this FW update package (it depends on the situation and support policies/guidelines as to what extent it can be fulfilled or not) for manual update/s. 

We recommend user to provide the following details for quick assistance:

• Device SN and its Product ID (PID) from Lens.
• Current firmware version and the one you are trying to upgrade/downgrade to.
• Lens/HUB (whichever applicable) version in use.


Alternatively, you can send email with this request to headset.helpline@poly.com to get assistance in this matter.


Please share some feedback if this reply has helped you so that other members can profit from your experience. 

Best regards


Best Regards,


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