Sync 20 Interrupted Upgrade, Now Won't Complete

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Sync 20 Interrupted Upgrade, Now Won't Complete

I got a new Sync 20 and was prompted to upgrade firmware. At 12% completion, there was a power interruption stopping the upgrade. Now I can get it to start an upgrade but always fails either at the beginning or 12% in. It *seems* to work but is running a release listed as a year old so I am missing a bunch of bug fixes. Appreciate any guidance.

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Re: Sync 20 Interrupted Upgrade, Now Won't Complete

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Many products use step upgrade approach, meaning you cannot jump to latest FW build if you are missing intermediary builds. So Please raise a ticket with our Headset and Personal Devices support team so that they can see if it is possible to get you missing updates first. Also it will be a good Idea to always use native USB connection of computer (avoid using USB splitters or docking stations) to perform firmware updates. And try with other PC too to see if that allows the update to go through.

Troubleshooting or providing support via the community is outside the scope for myself as a Poly employee.

Please raise a ticket with our support team and you will need to provide the following:

• Error screenshots.
• Video of issue if possible as it will help visualize the issue.
• -Serial number of unit and current firmware version of headset/speaker/USB dongle when issue is noticed
• HUB version and OS version in use

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