PolySync 20 - light stays on after Teams meeting

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PolySync 20 - light stays on after Teams meeting

Something I have noticed over the last couple of months is that after I leave a Teams meeting on my Windows laptop, the phone light stays red and the main light remains green. It still functions as if I’m not in a meeting. If I hit the phone button to hang up the lights revert to normal.


I’m not running any Poly software on my work laptop and the speaker is connected to my dock via USB.

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Re: PolySync 20 - light stays on after Teams meeting

Hello @mdu ,


Welcome back to the Poly Community.


Some needed info has not been provided.


  • What version of Windows?
  • is this a day 1 issue?
  • Is Poly Lens Desktop installed and what firmware version is being used for the Sync?
  • Conencted via USB or Bleutooth? If Bluetooth using a Poly Dongle?


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Re: PolySync 20 - light stays on after Teams meeting

Sorry I missed responding to this. 

I’m on Windows 10, Poly Sync 20 attached via USB-A to a ThinkPad Dock. I tried installing Plantronics Hub but it didn’t change anything. I don’t remember if it was doing this when I first got it, but that was at least 6 months ago.


I usually have my iPad and iPhone connected via Bluetooth, but use Teams on my laptop.


Firmware says SetId: v.0.0.567.3472, USB: v.567

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