Poly Sync 40 - Distortion when using USB - Teams Calls

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Poly Sync 40 - Distortion when using USB - Teams Calls



Have a Poly Sync 40 Teams version (now running firmware - but was the same issue with version 94).  Connected to business laptop running Windows 10.


I prefer to connect the unit to the laptop via USB because then i get the full Teams functionality.  However, when on larger Teams calls, audio can become quite distorted. The unit seems exceedingly sensitive to quality distortions when incoming from USB. The problem does not seem to occur with small Teams meetings but become quite severe with large Teams calls. Other manufacturer speakerphones do not seem to have this problem.


There is no issue when using bluetooth connectivity instead of USB connectivity but then the Teams functionality does not work (e.g., mute button).


Are there particular system settings i might consider to make it usable with USB connectivity?



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Re: Poly Sync 40 - Distortion when using USB - Teams Calls

Hello @EEP 


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Thank you for sharing this.


We have released a new firmware in Sep 21, Version v402.2759  so first thing is to ensure you have the latest firmware in place. If the issue still persisting then test your Sync Device with other PC on a teams calls and is it happening there too? or may be test it with some other program on PC or with a Teams call via smartphone and observe if it is replicating there?


If the issue is limited to a specific PC or no other devices/programs are available to compare performance then please try to disable audio enhancements in sound settings and try other fixes recommended in Microsoft link here.


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Re: Poly Sync 40 - Distortion when using USB - Teams Calls

I apologize for digging up an old post, but are you still experiencing the problem when connecting via USB?


I've had 4 different Poly Sync 20 devices and they are all experiencing intermittent distortion with output audio.  I have tried 2 USB-A Teams (Sync 20-M) versions and 2 USB-C (Sync 20) non-teams models, and the all have the same problem.  All devices were updated to the latest available version at the time they were in my possession and the one I still have is currently running: 



I have noted this issue occurs in any soft client (Teams, RealPresence Desktop, Zoom, etc...) and only occurs while connected over USB with any computer (Surface Laptop 3, Dell XPS 13, Custom Desktop).


I have already DOA replaced one of the USB-A (Sync 20-M) Teams models for this issue and the issue is not resolved.  I love everything else about this device but the distortion is frequent and annoying enough where it starts to become unusable.

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Re: Poly Sync 40 - Distortion when using USB - Teams Calls

Hello @TOC ,


Welcome to the Poly Community.


I can only suggest to contact Poly support directly so we can look into this and try and help.


Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier



If official support is required please check how to phone or open a case here

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Re: Poly Sync 40 - Distortion when using USB - Teams Calls

I have this problem on webex as well.  where there is a large amount of distortion that does not happen when bluetooth connected.  I have the latest version of firmware it was just loaded when i purchased it 4 days ago.  


This does not occur on bluetooth. 


However, i can't mute from the speakerphone on webex via bluetooth - i have to manually mute webex on the PC.



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Re: Poly Sync 40 - Distortion when using USB - Teams Calls

I have the exact same issue with Zoom and Webex.  In Windows 10 and Mac OS Monterey.  This is clearly a device issue and it's too expensive to have this issue.  Poly wants me to send it back for warranty service, which mean I have No device while they figure out what is going on or send me another device with no guarantee of a fix.  I have tried using it with it's USB-C dongle and well as the native USB connection in different ports with no change.   It's darn near unusable for me.

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