Poly Sync 20 Multipoint Pairing

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Poly Sync 20 Multipoint Pairing

I discovered this more by accident than anything. You can connect to at least two Bluetooth devices while using a USB connection to a computer. I don’t even remember seeing this as a feature but I’m not complaining.


When I first received my speaker, I connected it via Bluetooth to my iPhone. Later I paired it to my iPad as well. I just assumed that it was only connecting to one device at a time, and it first appeared that way as well. However, the next morning I plugged into my work computer via USB and found that both my iPhone and iPad were connected as well.

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Re: Poly Sync 20 Multipoint Pairing

Hello @mdu 


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Sync 20 is multipoint compatible and you can connect two mobile phones or one mobile phone and one BT600 at the same time via Bluetooth.


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Re: Poly Sync 20 Multipoint Pairing

I know this item is a few months old, but I'm baffled. Have set up a new Poly Sync 20 and I have both a personal and a business cell phone. I can sync either of them perfectly fine, but each time the audio response from the Poly Sync is, "Phone One Connected" and the other phone's Bluetooth connection is automatically terminated.


That the unit's audio response is always "Phone One" implies to me that, as described here, it should be capable of being linked as a Bluetooth device to two smartphones simultaneously. But so far I'm able to use only one phone or the other. To be clear, I'm not expecting to do something like conference both phones into a conversation; I just want to be able to have both on standby in my home office so that I can answer an incoming from either one on the Poly Sync. Is this not possible, or have I not found the magic setup method?


Thanks for any help!

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