Poly Sync 20 - Bluetooth Interference

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Poly Sync 20 - Bluetooth Interference



I've recently bought a Poly Sync 20 to replace a PLT7200 which refused to work with my company laptop. The Sync 20 installed perfectly which was great! However, I've now discovered that the bluetooth from the speakerphone is interfering with that used by my keyboard and mouse. As soon as I turn the speakerphone off, the keyboard and mouse behave normally; with it on, I get drop-outs, stuck keys and suchlike. I've tried changing batteries, using a different USB port, all the normal things, but it's consistently the speakerphone causing interference.


Is there anyway to turn off the Bluetooth on the Poly Sync 20 as the majority of the time, it will be connected over USB-C?




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Re: Poly Sync 20 - Bluetooth Interference

Hello @fox5150,


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Thank you for sharing this.


The issue appears to be of wireless interference with other Bluetooth peripherals. Our Sync 20 & 40 series has Bluetooth capabilities but we have not tested it directly with inbuilt Bluetooth radios of computers because many computers that comes with inbuilt Bluetooth radios vary in hardware and design and it is not possible to test compatibility of Sync 20/40/60 with every such machine out there. Bluetooth connection can be used for smartphone or tablets running iOS or Android OS which should work fine. Or when used to connect sync with our proprietary Bluetooth dongle.


The Sync-20/40 comes mainly in 2 variants basis on type of connections it uses i.e. wired or wireless.


One is Standard USB cable version meant for corded user with USB A & Type C ports on Windows/MAC OS computers.


2nd one is the Sync+ version which comes with a Bluetooth BT600 USB adapter out of the box (both Type A & C models available) allowing the cordless usage. The dongle is specifically designed to provide wireless audio, music streaming and call controls with supported softphones (Non-Teams or also called standard version of Sync and  Microsoft or Teams version). 


So even if you ended up buying the standard version and not the + version then basic things you can try are as following (assuming the firmware of your Sync speaker is up to date):


1) You can buy the spare BT600 USB adapter and this will allow wireless mode connection with computers and fix the issues in wireless mode. 


Below part numbers can be used:


204880-01 BT600 USB adapter, boxed (EMEA part number) (USB-A)
205250-01 BT600 USB adapter, boxed (USB -A )
211249-01 BT600 USB-C, boxed


For all benefits of BT600 please refer to this link.


2) The other option is to use it in corded mode and then interference or disconnection issues should not happen. Or May be switch to a corded Keyboard and Mouse and observe behavior.


3) if issues are already noticed when Sync is paired via BT600 then ensure no USB docking station is in between Sync and computer and test direct connection. If issue persists in direct USB BT600 connections too then please open a support ticket by calling our phone support or send email to support@poly.com to assist you further.

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