Poly Sync 20 - Automatic Shutdown

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Poly Sync 20 - Automatic Shutdown


I have a Sync 20 connected to my docking station to charge as part of my home office setup. I use the Sync 20 mostly for cell phone calls (iPhone connected via Bluetooth) and I leave it connected at all times as I've already forgotten to charge it in the past.


My issue is that the Sync 20 will shutdown and disconnect my phone after an hour. How do I turn off the automatic shutdown? Would it automatically shutdown if it was connected to an electrical outlet? 

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Re: Poly Sync 20 - Automatic Shutdown

Ya .. seem that is not that smart .. I have 2 problems ..

1. the same as this problem .. when the sync 20 go on sleep .. my phone cant wake it up

2. and it will also disconnect from the BT600 if both my laptop (with BT600) on sleep and the sync 20 on sleep . when both wakeup it will lost the connection and the only way is to poke at the small hole at the BT600 to repair the connection

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